Wonderful Couple

One of the cutest and hopefull relation I have ever seen ! I met this couple at the “Diner En Blanc” last week and they accepted to share their story with you 🙂

His name is Michael and hers is Mary Anne

This couple met in a bank yes this happens ! She was a banker in New York City and he was looking to open an account with them. He walked up to her and by oppening his account he got her phone number. He tried to invite her on a date several times but she kept hanging up the phone. Finally after several attempts, he convinced her to come with her for lunch ! Yay !

Lunch happened and they felt in love, they went on an evening date 32 years ago according to her and 3 years ago according to him ! How cute !

1 year after this first lunch date, he proposed  ! How ???

He asked her this question: ” if I was to ask you when will it be the best time to get married, what would you say ?”

She said: “Maybe in the fall”

He replied: “And if you were to get married what kind of wedding would you like ?”

She answered: ” Small wedding with a lot of flowers !”

And then… he said :”One last question, If you were to marry me would you say yes ?”

And she said “YES”…  Happily ever after …

Love love love !


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