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Urgh Gifts Gifts Gifts !!!

Such a pain all these gifts  we have to make ! This one … already offered, this one… no need, this one … too expensive !! But we have to do it no choice so let’s go guys ! Below are a few ideas for you 😉

For a couple

– A frame; a candle, a tray, a vase, a nice blanket you can find it at Z Gallerie ( Starting from 15USD) or here Crate&Barrel (Starting at 30USD)

– A Nespresso  machine (Starting at 140 USD)

– A nice photography book Leica or at Taschen (Starting at 18USD)

– A Tv !? at our dear friend Amazon or at Best Buy

For Dad 

– A nice personalized book with some family pictures at Shuterfly   or  Vista Print (Starting at 15 USD)

– A very cool and useful accessory at Wally’s Wine a little more expensive but very nice when your dad is a wine lover  Here (Starting at 290 USD) or a wine opener  Here  (Starting at 22 USD)

– A kindle if he likes reading  Here – (Starting at 80 USD)

– A bracelet for a cool dad 😉 Here

For Mum

– A nice jewelry on Abbot Kinney every Saturdays at the little market next to Feed – Starting at 20 USD

– A cute bag at Monserat De Lucca –  Starting at 60 USD in Sales

– An ipad with a nice engraved from Apple Store – Starting at 249 USD

– A bathing suit from Eres – Starting at 300 USD

– A cute pillow with a nice engrave on it 🙂 Here 4O USD

– A cosy cashmere sweater at Bloomingdales 80USD

For a Friend

– Candies from Sugarfina – 26 USD

– A nice candle at Dyptique (my favorite: Feu de boix) – (Starting at 60USD)

– A trendy clutch from new young creators Etsy – (Starting at 10 USD)

– Fifty Shades of gray 😉 here 10USD 

– A beauty basket from  l’Occitane – (Starting at 20USD)

–  Check out William B for cool vintage accessories 😉 ( Starting at 10 USD)

For Him

– Cufflinks from Paul Smith here (Starting at 63 USD)

– A duffe bag when he leaves you but just for a few days for business at Bloomingdales for example this one  (Starting at 140 USD)

– A card Holder at Prada here (Starting at 200 USD)

– A watch at  Westime

– A pair of Stan Smith here (Starting at 80 USD)

For Her

– A nice pair of earrings here

– A handbag from Ralph Lauren here (Starting at 250 USD) or here (Starting at 150 USD)

– A key holder at Prada here (Starting at 200 USD)





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