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I think we all have been through this time of the year where you just need to leave your stress on the side and: GO! … Anywhere but just LEAVE for a few days and relax your mind… There are a lot of destinations and the one I chose was the hippie chic city: Tulum in Mexico.

My husband and I were personally seeking for a beach type of vacation 🙂

So let me tell you everything about this amazing place where I had one of the best break of my life!

Did you know that it is only 4:30 hours flight from LA? The airport is Cancun (Code: CUN), just-so-you-know.

The short travel time gets even more convenient when you take the red eye from LA (departing around 11:30pm with Delta) and lands in the morning in Cancun International Airport (around 7:30am).

But first a few tips before leaving your home sweet home.

  • Don’t go between April and November
  • Don’t forget the sun screen!
  • Take cash with you. Better in pesos and better if you can change before flying there.
  • No heels girls ! Waste of space in your luggage: trust me !

Below are a few options of hotels:

Be Tulum $$$ (Beautiful but expensive)

Jashita Hotel $$$ (25min driving from the main area where all the cute shops and restaurants are)

My Way Boutique Hotel $$ (the one we chose see details below)

Tulum Bay $ (Well located)

Once you get to the airport, you have a few options to get to Tulum which is 1:30 hour driving away from Cancun airport:

1/ Rent a Car – the price with the insurance for 5 days is approximately 250 USD for a standard size

2/ Take a cab (usually 120 USD one way) – If you choose this option I got one for you cheaper: 80USD or 1500 pesos but shhh ! His name is Frank you can call or text or whatsapp him at +52 1984 213 7811 ( he speaks only Spanish ) just let him know you were referred by Valentina. However, please note he will only be able to drive you to the airport. He cannot drive you from there.

3/ Take the shuttle (45USD one way)


We stayed at the My Way Boutique Hotel which was equal to a dream…


My Way Boutique Hotel (picture taken with the sea on my back)

Day 1 –> We arrived to the hotel, checked in in less than 10minutes, went to the beach, enjoyed a little welcome drink…img_5127

This day was the day were we just enjoyed the sun, the fresh food, the sea and our very comfortable beach mattresses … A long nap … Wow ! such a good feeling to wake up with this view !

We then decided to discover a little bit the area so we walked about 10-15 min from our hotel and walked through the wildest boutiques I have ever seen ! Shopping in the middle of the jungle !

You could find accessories, hats, bags, belts, jewelries .. a lot of cotton or linen clothes all white some of them black. Very hippie boho style … I almost decided to change my whole fashion style !

After this trip you can ask yourself: Am I a hippie ? Imagine… getting rid of all your heels, your trendy clothes, your job, your home and leave with a few white linen dresses and pants on the beach eating fresh and healthy food everyday : I AM A HIPPIE !!!!

Well… didn’t work for me ! I think I love too much heels for that but shhh ! aha


We ended up our first afternoon with a drink and a dinner at Mur Mur, which is a very cool bar and restaurant. This place is surrounded by little cute hippie shops, good music, beautiful people … mostly we had the pleasure to meet with an artisanal brand Luca Colosimo. Another stunning and elegant Italian brand that offers bags and accessories in the most refined materials.



One shop in Tulum


Day 2 –> Started very well as we had an amazing breakfast served on our private room terrasse. Fresh fruits, fresh orange juice for me and juice of the day for my husband, scrambled eggs, toasts and granola. A moment of joy for both of us.

After this perfect sleep we had, delicious breakfast and sunny day on schedule. We decided to enjoy the beach of the hotel and have a little fun in the waves. By the way, for those of you who like kite surf : this is the place to be ! I personally have never tried but by watching the surfers learning or just enjoying the waves, the wind and the blue Caribbean sea, I have to admit I got tempted … just maybe too lazy to actually try ! aha

We did some body board and it was really fun !

Lunch was at this Italian place called Posada Margherita … SUCH A COOL PLACE !

First of all the food is delicious,

Second, the place is so cute and nice and on the beach !

Third, the people look great !

They serve you a yummy appetizer with cauliflowers in a lemon dressing plus some little pieces of focaccia.

Then, I had the grilled Gambas to die for so fresh and good ! Also get their fresh juices 😉

We had some rain in the afternoon so we decided to stay in our room get a little rest . Also VERY IMPORTANT for those of you who have never been in the Caribbean, don’t worry if two days before your trip the weather forecast is telling you that you will only get storm and rain ! don’t cry it’s OK ! I swear it moves a lot you will not have this shitty weather the whole time AT ALL !

You don’t want to see what our forecast was …. !

We had a little beer at the beach Coco which was our neighbor. It is fun, when you seat on their swing in front of the sea !

Dinner was at this place called Casa Jaguar and THIS was UNIQUE … Have you ever thought of having dinner in the middle of the jungle with food being cooked on the wood and your feet on the earth, trees all around and candles to light your table ?

Well Casa Jaguar was one of a kind, and I would absolutely recommend you live this experience. What to order ? The grilled Octopus is “the best he ever had in his life “according to my husband who is a fan of this dish ! The Romeo fish is also amazingly delicious.

We ended up Day 2 at a bar after dinner, called Gitano . An outdoor bar with candles everywhere, same kind of atmosphere as Casa Jaguar but much more spacious. On the right side of the bar, there is a little lounge with outdoor sofas where you can enjoy a drink and a cigar maybe ?

There is music and sometimes this place will transform into a sort of nightclub !



Breakfast at My Way Boutique Hotel



Casa Jaguar


Day 3 –> This was our discovery day … Our objectives were to visit the pyramids of Coba and a beautiful hotel there called “Coqui Coqui” followed by the tour of Chichen Itza .

So here we go ! Drove about 45 minutes North and visited the Mayan Ruins of Coba. It was very interesting to imagine that 50,000 people actually lived there. What made Coba unique was that the pyramid in the middle that connects a multiple of sites.

We ended up climbing this pyramid called Nohoch Mul at a height of 42 meters, 120 steps ! YEP we did it and it was totally worth it ! The view was breathtaking.

The total time spent at the ruins was about 2 hours. We decided to walk between the pyramids but you can also rent a bike or if you’re tired, get on one of this rickshaw.

Once done we headed to this hidden Residence & Spa called Coqui Coqui. This place was unique, the closer you get, the more you feel like you’re in the middle of no where !

The GPS said “you arrived at your destination” we thought we got it all wrong until the hotel manager came to us and welcomed us to Coqui Coqui. This hotel is nothing else than a unique and peaceful retreat in the middle of the ruins of Coba.

Only four rooms, a lounge, a restaurant and a boutique of artisanal perfumes meant to remember souvenirs…

We had an amazing lunch experience and the luck to visit one of their beautiful bedroom that was free thanks to a late cancellation. Yes if you want to stay there which I would highly recommend, make sure to book way in advance !

After that we went to one of the 7 wonders of the world : Chichen Itza.

Did you know that it was one of the largest Mayan site ?

Also when you are in front of the main pyramid : El Castillo, if you clap your hand very loudly you will hear a noise coming back from the monument ! Just look around, everybody claps !

Two advices here for this site visit:

1/ Get a guide but be careful of the fake ones ! To avoid this, head to the entrance where there is an office with employees who sell tickets and can arrange a guide for you ( about 60USD) but you can negociate

2/ You will see a long line at the entrance, don’t do like everybody else by going at the end of the line, just go at the entrance directly there are a several tickets offices !

You will need approximately 3 hours to visit everything.

We enjoyed being there around 4-5pm, the colors were beautiful and the crowd was leaving.

We drove 2 hours to get back to our hotel, make sure to be very attentive to the bumpers that come out of no where and also I would highly recommend you drive before the night falls because they are no lights on the roads except your car headlights …

fullsizerenderI DID IT ! Climbing at the top of the Nohoch Mul Pyramid !


img_5352Coqui Coqui Residence & Spa


To finish this article, this is a list of all the places I would recommend:


Posada Margherita

Nomade Hotel (on the beach)

Coqui Coqui Hotel

Mezzanine (Thai)




Casa Jaguar



Mur Mur


Be Tulum Hotel

I hope you enjoyed this article ! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this precious spot 😉

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