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Triple A – a Must !

If you live in L.A and have a car this is the plus you should have in your life !

What is Triple A ? It’s an insurance for homes and cars. I personally use it for my car. This is … I don’t know… MAGIC ? AMAZING ?

Recently got a battery issue with my car, I had to choose between subscribing to Triple A or pay 120USD towing + 150USD new battery, I chose Triple A !


This is my story:

6:00pm: Found out my car would not start

6:15pm: Called Triple A and asked them the membership fee and when will it be activated ?

Response from the AAA agent: “68USD a YEAR and activated right away”

6:20pm: I am an official member of this insurance !

6:25pm: When can you come ?

Response from the AAA agent: “the Triple A driver will be there in 20 minutes, no charge”

6:45pm: The Triple A driver is here, tests my battery, finds it’s too used, my car is working.

6:55pm: “How much will it cost me to replace this battery with a brand new one ?”

Response from the driver “150USD for your car, I have it in stock and its 3 years warranty”

7:10pm: I have a new battery in my car with a 3 years warranty a very welcoming and good service time


With Triple A you have a lot of benefits and you really want to check this out ! Here it is !

You will even get some discounts in hotels etc… ! Totally worth it !


Cheers guys !


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