The O.C day

And what would you say about spending the day in Newport Beach  ?! Not bad, huh ?

Tip: Don’t leave too late (8-9am) if you want to get there before lunch time /driving time : 1h30 from L.A to Newport

I went a few times but one of the best day was probably this one that I am sharing and recommending to you guys! Your turn of course to adjust in accordance to your tastes, intentions, preferences 🙂

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We got there around 11:30 am in Newport, first we went to rent a Duffy Boat 1hour to cruise a little bit on the marina. So for those of you who never heard about a Duffy Boat: it’s a little boat that you use to cruise with a small speed, you can eat on it, drink on it, perfect for a little breath and relaxation with friends or without 🙂

You will see some beautiful houses from the front, you will be able to swim maybe a little bit if you want and mostly relax… For any reservation here it is !

Duffy Store

 Picture Duffy Boat Store

Villa Marina

 Picture House on the marina, view from the boat

If the pik-nik idea is not really your thing, I would recommend these following restaurants: The Cliff or The Deck or event better The Montage hôtel.

Here are my little descriptions :-):

The Cliff is a relax restaurant not very far from the cute shopping street for the girls 😉 and for the boys, well well, you will walk and make some business calls ! Soo anyways, this place has a very nice sea view, the food is good, service is nice, it’s not too expensive. I would highly suggest for you to eat on their terrasse.

The Deck is a modern place, you can have a drink or eat there or both ! You will enter from a parking, go down a few steps and will end up in this outdoor (also indoor) bar restaurant with floors in teck, cool lounge music, good cocktails and food with a young clientele. While waiting for your table, I would recommend a cocktail under the sun. Personally, I would rather go there for a drink during the sunset.

The Montage Hotel, a little bit different from the two places I have just described. This hotel is a five stars hotel, it is stunning ! You will go there to have lunch in a beautiful garden and enjoy the beach later maybe ? Expect to pay the price of a 5* hotel but I mean it’s worth it when you can afford it !


Regarding your afternoon schedule, I would recommend you to shop in front of this restaurant I told you about: The Cliff, a little swim in the beach, a drive around the beautiful houses of Newport beach and track the ones of the famous TV show The OC ! Some addresses here!

Also, you should totally walk on Balboa Island, just take the quick boat from Newport to the island and go shopping and have a little promenade it is adorable !

And a really good and trendy spot to walk around and shop is the Lido area. Lovvveeeed that area ! My favorite ! and guess what ? Nobu is opening this Thursday, April 6th !YEP !

PSSSST …. The Kardashian are inaugurating Nobu around April 15 th…

Capture d’écran 2017-04-03 à 04.30.42

In the Lido area you want to stop by this coffee place called Honor. And my favorite store: ELYSE WALKER !!!

Capture d’écran 2017-04-03 à 04.34.40

ELYSE WALKER Store in Newport Beach (Lido Area)

Finally when the end of the day is coming, you should head to Beach Comber which is a restaurant on the beach where you will be able to have one of the best sunset view, go swim a little bit and have a drink on the sand. If you want to have dinner at this place, note that the waiting list is always between 1 and 2hours but just put your name enjoy the beach and done it’s your turn !


Picture of the sunset taken from Beach Comber

Done for the day ? Ready to head back to L.A ? Drive safely !

Cheers !

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