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The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum is one of the most stunning contemporary art museum I have visited. It is located downtown L.A and opens its doors to everyone for free.

The art exhibited is a true selection of the best artists in the world, being in L.A and not stop by this museum would be a real pity !

I guess we all want to know a little bit more about how this museum was born and opened its door to us, so here is a short story.

Eli Broad is the 185th wealthiest person according to Forbes. He made a lot of money, was very focus in the cultural life of Los Angeles and decided to build a museum: the Broad. He also participated in different cultural projects for the city of Los Angeles in order to name it: “The cultural capital of the world” .

Here is their story

Things to know before going:

– Take your tickets in advance because the waiting list is long ! Here for the tickets

– There is one room you really want to see but you can only take a ticket once at the museum:  Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room

– For the parking: you have several parkings around cash only so don’t forget to bring 10USD in cash with you !

Now let’s visit together the museum …. A few pictures to attract your mind to this amazing art place.

The Broad1


Picture of the entrance

On this floor, you will be able to find the Mirror Rooms i told you about above, but also another room where you will live a unique experience. A room where you can hear music and a song by different singers all together but separated… I’ll let you discover.

Once you’re done with this floor, take the stairway and go up to the next one. You will arrive in the most remarkable contemporary art such as Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst or Andreas Gursky.



The Broad2

Picture of Jeff Koons – Celebration


or another Jeff Koons art:


The Broad3

Picture of Jeff Koons art – Three Ball 50/50 Tank



Keep walking, keep opening your eyes in this amazing universe of art… more to come such as this piece of genius: the lamb in movement stuck in formaldehyde solution.


The Broad4

Picture of Damien Hirst art: Away from the Flock



Still more to come…with sculpture …

The broad5

Picture of Charles Ray art – Fall 91′ 


The Broad 6

Picture of the art of Barbara Kruger’s Untitled “Your Body is a battleground”


Let’s go further with this giant table and chairs, think like you were a little ant ! This is what they see !


The Broad7

Robert Therrien art: Under the Table 

The Broad 8

Picture of one of Jeff Koons pieace of art … again !: Fluorescent-Lighted Vacuum Cleaners


And so many more to see I want you to discover all of them and be impressed each time you enter a room…

Wishing you a fantastic visit and time at The Broad Museum


Cheers !

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