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Soul Cy what?!

SoulCy What? Ever thought of giving EVVV-ERYTHING that you had during a class?

Put your shoes on, get on the bicycle, DJ? 1, 2, 3….. GO !!!

The LalaStory talks about it…

There is nothing like SoulCycle. It is much more than a cycling class. It is intense, spiritual and maybe even mystical. As they say “SoulCycle doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives.”

A promise which sets the tone for these spinning workouts on fire. During 45 minutes you are pedalling in the dark to the maximum of your capacities under the inpired directions of your trainer who is also DJ and guru.

Created in 2005 in New York by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, SoulCycle revolutionised the fitness world. The founders missing a cardio routine that “made their hearts sing” invented a joyful and inspiring workout.

The motivation is intensified by the group of riders you belong to. It is together that we are pedalling, that we are dancing on our bikes simultaneously. The sense of community is very strong at SoulCycle and quickly you will feel like you are an insider.

An other special feature of SoulCycle is the use of dumbbells and the exercices targetting the upper body. Be mindful of your back because the use of dumbbells from your saddle required a little bit of practice.

Very exciting from a fitness point of view SoulCycle also has the most perfect marketing strategy. Their clothing line is a major success. Every studio has a shop selling the superb streetwear goods that you will be proud to wear outside the cycling room. The studios are beautiful, full of light with inspiring quotes in neons on the walls, the changing rooms are spacious and provide all you need (hair ties, bobby pins, lotions…)

This chic experience has a price : $30 the class ($20 for first time riders) + $3 to rent the mandatory shoes for your bike. It is without taking the tank top you will probably buy into account and that you will wear as a badge of honor outside the SoulCycle studio…

Where?: BRENTWOOD/11640 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

In a few #: #SoulCycle #cycling #spinning #findyoursoul

Tip: Don’t hesitate to take earplugs offered at the entrance because the music can be very loud.

Phone: +1 (310) 559-7685


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