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When you’re a French girl in the US, you can fall into an awkward situation such as two people talking next to you, looking at you and one would ask “Who is She?” and the other one would answer “SHE IS FRENCH”!

Which sometimes makes me wonder, is it that clear? Did I say something wrong!? Was it my accent? My attitude? And then I just feel great 🙂 Because a French Girl, is not only only chic and elegant she has also a strong personality.

Talking about French Girl, a brand called “She is French” was born. And guess what? What they do is great! They have not created only healthy random Granola they found out how to make granola with superfoods and tasty!

Agathe is the head of this fantastic brand that she started in Paris in one of the most well known and trendy concept store named Colette. Then, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in New York and soon will be part of Bloomingdales.

The granolas are really good ! You have the choice with three different mix of flavors as of today. You should try, not kidding !

I’m definitely going to order some more!

The Website

By the way how would you describe a French Girl? 😉




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