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How to Deal with The Rain in L.A ?

It rains in L.A … OK that’s great for the earth but what about me ? What can I do ?


1st Option: What about a good movie ? And how about watching it in a super comfy couch with your lunch served on your lap ? Check it out here to see what’s playing. I heard that  “Get Out” is good !

2nd Option: Plan a big friends reunion and play cards all afternoon ?

3rd Option: A long sleep in followed by a brunch in a cosy place.

4th Option: Woooo a good and delicious massage, mani pedi and hot sauna …?  Voda Spa or what about the Intercontinental (check out their good deals on Groupon)

5th Option:  An exhibition here or a museum like The Broad

6th Option: Oh come on ! There is not only the beach to go work out in L.A, you can also do so many different classes indoors. Maybe it’s time to try one of these…SoulCycle or Rise Nation, what do you think ?


Enjoy guys ! Hope that helped a little bit !


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