Prova Pizzeria

Yummmm, already getting excited about the next time I will go and eat this delicious pizza @Prova.

How perfect is this place for a Sunday night where you just want to eat a good pizza baked by an Italian? Easy, fast and friendly.

Honestly, I would definitely crave about their pizza and the ambiance. Owner is very nice and welcoming, pizza are ordered at the counter, first come first served. Sit at their communal table or on a separate one if available, and enjoy their delicious homemade pizza.

Where?: WEST HOLLYWOOD /8729 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

In a few #: #Dinner #Friendly #Family #Pizza #ItalianFood  #Outdoor #Indoor

Tip: The Capricciosa was delicious !


Phone: +1 (310) 855-7285


Dress Code @elodiekofficial

Photo @ProvaPizza


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