Palm Springs

Palm Springs was a last minute decision that my mother and I booked a few days before Memorial Day Week End.

The thing about living in America is also the fact that you guys barely have vacations, so when there is this extra day considered as “holiday” we all jump on it!

And I can tell you that Palm Spring was a great place to just leave L.A for a few days.

First of all it is close: 2:30 min drive from Los Angeles!

We booked our hotel through hoteltonight. If you haven’t heard of it yet it is a great app that allows you to book a hotel very last minute with great rates. Booking.com is pretty reliable too if you like to look for a hotel in advance.

Anyways! HOTELS

We stayed at the Avalon Hotel for the first two nights and then the Colony Palms Hotel.I have to admit that the Avalon had big rooms, three pools, nice decoration but the service was so so. Their free Yoga class on Saturday and Sunday was fantastic though!

The Colony Palms Hotel was beautiful and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to rest, relax, enjoy in an authentic luxury atmosphere. Adding to that, a great service ad delicious food from breakfast to dinner.

If you’re looking for a very intimate luxury hotel I would suggest the Horizon Hotel&Spa. Very expensive but very nice.


Birba is a good restaurant to have dinner in their outside patio. Simple and easy food but good and affordable. You mostly go there for the young nice atmosphere.

The Purple Palm is the restaurant of the Colony Palms Hotel I was telling you about. Very good food and nice cosy atmosphere.

Mister Parker is more like a dark restaurant where you seat inside. Very well known in Palm Springs. Bistro Food.

Mr Lyons is a very good steak restaurant. Trendy atmosphere, good food and here again there is a patio.

Appetito for a more casual easy Italian dinner.


I really liked having a drink before dinner at the SOPA (restaurant & bar) of the hotel Horizon Hotel&Spa. If you like Margarita cocktails, they serve one of the best 😉


A part from drinking, eating, and sleeping should we maybe look and move around Palm Springs?:-)

Mostly you would want to hike! Here are a few spots: Andreas Canyon Trail at Indian Canyons or Murray Canyon Trail (a little more challenging)

Also, you can drive 45minutes and go visit Joshua Tree, such a special and stunning national park.

Finally, I would recommend to take the aerial tramway and get on the top of the world take pictures: here 

For shoppers, no choice : You HAVE TO make a stop on your way back or on your way to Palm Springs to the Premium Desert Hills Outlet located 30 minutes away from Palm Springs. Luxury brands at discounted prices.


I hear that a day spa at Two Bunch Palms was worth it. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time to try it…



On the Road



Indian Canyons


At the Avalon Hotel 


Colony Palms Bar&Pool


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