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One day in St Tropez …

One Day in St Tropez is special, because it’s France, because it’s beautiful, because it’s charming ….WELCOME TO ST TROPEZ !

When you’re looking to have fun, relax, enjoy the good Rose !

Typical Day in St Tropez, here is what you need to do/see/not miss …


Go have a coffee at Senequier... Breakfast over ? Head to the beach 3 choices:

Club 55 (very well known since 1955, all the celebrities, reservation in advance !)

Bagatelle (drink and dance in this beautiful beach restaurant)

Tropicana (relax and eat good French food)

Late Afternoon:

Come back to this little cute village, St Tropez … Shopping time ?! Yayy ! Below, are a few addresses:

Au Soleil, Ravissante, Un Jour d’été, Zingaro

For Dinner:

Go rest try on your shopping acquisitions and dinner time !

With your friends: Canastel, Banh-hoi, Brasserie des Arts

With your love: Ermitage, Les Graniers

With your family: Senequier

To dance:

Easy, only three nightclubs in St Tropez: The Caves (where to go !), The VIP (young) and the PapaGayo (not recommended)

If any questions, as always, I ‘m here 🙂 ENJOY!!!

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