So much love in this couple

This couple has been together for 10 years and married for 7 years and guess what they have never stopped loving each other …

I asked them : what is you best memory ? find below their answers 🙂

Christos’ best memory:

“My best memory with you fit for print ?   Hee-hee…..

I think it would be sitting in the rain rainstorm on our first long trip talking over margaritas, eating chips and guacamole and playing backgammon outside while the rain poured down around us in El Tamarindo, Mexico.”

Dana’s best memory:

“Our courtship was nothing short of perfection.  We first met at a restaurant in Venice Beach (he was watching me from across the room and my friend said ‘Do you know that guy because he’s been staring at you?’).  We began corresponding via email and proceeded to fall head over heels in love through a month’s worth of emails and beautiful love letters while he was traveling in Europe. I literally got weak in the knees seeing him for the second time, and I’ll never forget sitting on his boat as we sipped on wine and talked for hours into the night. I knew at that moment he was the one.”

Wish them all the best for future

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