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Horror Nights at Universal Studio

Did it ever occur to you to wonder what would you do if you were the one in the horror movie ? Well… Well… Universal Studios will answer all your questions ! Because guess what ? They opened their doors for you during Halloween to come and spend the night at the Park with zombies, murderers, chainsaws…

Are you strong enough to face your fears ? Let’s see.. when you get dropped off the bus in the middle of nowhere and the only way to go back to the park is to walk surrounded by your little zombies friends …

Ticket price: 75 USD here

Until November 7th

You’ll also have the option to try Jurassic Park at night, The Mummy, the Simpsons …

Oh ! Don’t worry if you’re worried about the food and drinks there is everything you want ! Thanks America !

What do you need ?

– Your ticket

– Comfy shoes

– Comfy clothes

Only inconvenient: You might expect line wait ! But that’s okay…

Ready ?! Let’s go ! And good luck … muhaha !


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