So now that we’re back to work, shall we plan our next vacations: I SAY: Absolutely !

Here is a suggestion for you: A Paradise Island in the South of Mexico: Holbox


You certainly must ask yourself: “HOL” what!? I swear you’ll end up remembering the name of this place ! Especially when you’ll start to hear more and more about this island.

This place is a real gateway, a few hours away from L.A. Kind of the perfect place to get out of your usual, recurrent routine and take a fresh air break.

The travel will most certainly look/sound/seem tiring but I swear it is worth it!



So how do we get there:

Fly to Cancun International Airport (IATA: CUN), about 4h30 from L.A.

Once you get to Cancun Airport, take a cab or ask to your hotel in advance to send you a driver (if they offer this amenity). You will be driven for 2hours until you get to the Chiquila Harbour.

Chiquila is where you will board on a ferry which will navigate for about 20minutes to get you to your final destination: the island of Holbox. Note, that there is a ferry leaving the harbour every 30minutes. Price: 80 pesos / pers (around 5 USD).

Finally arrived! Wait… almost! You still have to get to your hotel. But this part is pretty fun, you will be driven by a golf cart to your hotel !Usually 10 minutes. As you probably understood, the island is pedestrian only.


Where to stay !?

Here are a few suggestions of hotels by preference order:

  • Casa Sandra (luxury, on the beach, very nice, great location)
  • Casa Las Tortugas (perfect with a few friends as well). Charming luxury boutique hotel. Their restaurant is delicious and sums up to have breakfast/lunch/dinner your feet in the sand! About 20rooms.
  • Casa Punta Coco (luxury very intimate. Imagine a private villa on the beach with 3 rooms and one of the room is yours! I would highly recommend to book the Horizonte Suite as a first choice or the Manglar). This place is perfect for a couple looking for a time off.

Casa Sandra and Casa Las Tortugas are very close from each other and from the village (walking distance). Casa Punta Coco is a little offset but still close (10 minutes away driving from the village).

A room at Casa Las Tortugas

On the island, you will like to walk around in the village which is pretty small but very cute.

I also recommend that you rent a golf cart and go explore the island. You should take advantage of discovering secret spots such as sunset point views. A must! : Cafe Del Mar

Other activities!? What about getting some rest !

For the more energetics, they are a few excursions that will be suggested to you/ one of them is pretty recurrent: the Island 3 spots tour. In this case I would highly suggest you rent a private boat for a few hours and tell the captain to bring you to secret spots around the island. By the way, Holbox is a natural reserve, which means that you will see beautiful animals and landscapes. We saw a lot of flamingos !

A few good spots for you to try:

First of all: A good restaurant !

  • Viva Zapata: If you like grilled fresh lobsters in a typical Mexican outdoor atmosphere, this place is just for you to try!
  • Luuma: Most probably the trendiest place on the island! Outdoor, with music, nice lights, cool people and little delicious tapas to share. Their boutique is really cute, you should go have a look while you’re waiting for your meals.
  • The restaurant at Casa Las Tortugas, is excellent and refined. Chic on the beach lightened by candles.
  • Posada Mawimbi: Very good restaurant to eat with your feet on the sand, perfect for a lunch. (Located next to Casa Las Tortugas)

Be aware that the value for money is pretty amazing!

For a drink:

  • Cafe Del Mar (most beautiful sunset, bar on the beach, fresh cocktails cool and young atmosphere)
  • Los Peleones (in the heart of the village. Rooftop)

To sum up, what’s left to do is:

  • Book your flight to Cancun
  • Book your hotel
  • Book your driver who will pick you up at Cancun Airport
  • Change some cash
  • Pack
  • ….And ENJOY !

Wishing you a beautiful and nice trip !


In the heart of the village… Beautiful colors and authenticity.


NOT to miss: a fresh coconut sold on the beach 

But mostly what you want to try is the fresh ceviche served on the beach. When you look at it in this blue plastic bucket, you’re not sure, but once you taste it, your first thought is “oh my god !” YES because it’s just SO good! Probably the best I have ever tried in my life.

A bird a few steps away when we did the boat excursion. 


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