Hippies Day

Time to go shopping with the hippies !

In the morning, head to Venice Beach Canals, you won’t regret these pictures you’ll take. What I love about it is that it is soooo peaceful and these cute little houses are perfect.  Love walking there with my husband or a friend and talk during the whole promenade.

Speaking about “promenade” you might want to check out the real big promenade that you have seen in so many tv shows. This is where people rollerblade, skate board, ride bikes… rappers dance, Venice Artists show their artwork, athletes show theirs abs on the outdoor gym … This is also the place where you can buy touristy stuff !

Once these discoveries feel good enough for you, you might feel like starving ! A few options here for you :

1/ Stay a little bit longer next to the beach and go eat a fresh Poke to take away at PokePoke . Enjoy a little paddle tennis  and maybe go surf …? Or just swim ?!

2/ Done with the sand and the crowd, wanna eat in a restaurant… OK OK Fine ! I would recommend the amazing pizza at Gjelina or healthy lunch at Kreation Cafe.

Abbot Kinney street and Rose Ave are great shopping area. You will find cute little shops, great restaurants and cool crowd. I really love it.

I know you just had lunch but if you feel like you want a little sweetness… I would recommend an ice-cream… vegan…. in the yellow ice-cream artisan truck that should be parked somewhere on Abbot Kinney. The Vegan Chocolate is my fav !

Principessa is one of my favorite store and don’t miss Erewhon supermarket… Whoa ! You’ll want to buy EV-ERY-THING !

A little drink on the top of the beach … ? Then I have the right spot : Hotel Erwin Rooftop !

For later, dinner time.. WallFlower, TastingKitchen, Gjelina are really good places.

Want to finish the night on a very last drink ? Bungalow in Santa Monica is a great great cool spot !



Artisan Ice-Creams Food Truck

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