Head downtown !

“Downtown LA”, how many times have we heard “Downtown LA” like if another world was down there, so many things to do, to see, to taste ! All these words even make it sounds far  ! So we’ve been there a few times for this particular restaurant, this particular bar but how about spending an entire day in downtown ?

Step 1: Head to the Art district, walk between the warehouses, take pictures, Instagram them and maybe if you get lucky you’ll find a little something to bring back “HOME” aha. There is this art flea market on Saturdays (just make sure it is open)

Step 2: You maybe want to go grab lunch between that. Urth Cafe is in the middle of Art District, otherwise this famous hot dog place Wurstküche

Step 3: Head to Little Tokyo district, which is the LA District closest neighbor, enjoy the little cute Japanese shops with their unique t-shirts and accessories. This is where you will find the best Shoe repair in the WORLD ! trust me.  Give the guys of the store 5minutes and they will make your shoe dream repair come true ! Jason Markk 

Step 4: A little bit of culture have never killed anyone, so let’s go to MOMA Museum !

Step 5: You’ve done great so far, want a drink while watching the sunset ? TWO choices : Perch or ACE hotel rooftop bar. Just a question of taste.

Step 6: Let’s go shoot the real ones at LA Gun Club Feel like a quick dinner before heading back upper LA ? I will advise Bestia, or Church and State The most funny part is after having spent this day you can say “I did it !” and a real LA guy will tell you “pfff there is nothing downtown” !!!

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