The Royal Couple

Cari and Drew have been together for approximately 10 months 🙂

I asked them: “If you could do something crazy with (her/him) what would it be ?”

Cari answered: “I might say zip lining would be something “crazy” Drew and I could do.. but that’s because I don’t like daring situations! That’s not very crazy though So, a little more interesting… I would say, move to Europe or Japan for a month or two and live there like locals. Maybe somewhere like a small town in Italy or France or even Tokyo! “

WAIT FOR IT because Drew’s answer is close !

Drew answer’s : “If I could do one crazy thing with Cari, and not get arrested for it or suffer any type of negative consequences, I would probably try to travel around the world pretending to be a royal couple.

I think Royal couples get the royal treatment that meets my standards. Besides, as a royal couple I’m sure you see things that not even the most influential men or women in the world get to see. That’s the crazy thing I would do. I would pretend to be a royal couple to get the royal treatment. “
Wish them all the best 🙂

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