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I am not sure WHAT’S HAPPENING with this crazy climate but 90° mid-October feels…. weird? Warm for sure ! Who says warm says Ice-Creeeam!

And if I were to tell you that The Lalastory found this healthy Ice cream place… Yep! Here is her article:


“Healthy places got us used to clean, natural, minimalist (sometimes a little bit cold) decors. At Frozen Fruit Co. it is the exact opposite. The fun and girly atmosphere doesn’t predict its 100% healthy frozen treats.

Everything is made with fruits with no added sugar. It’s hard to do better for a gourmet dessert which is perfectly reasonable. Even the toppings are amazing : fruits, carob chips, coconut, almonds…

The 4 flavors are delicious: coconut & cacao, pineapple & passion fruit, strawberry and mango. You can have faith in the founders of the shop, Michael and Victoria, who describe themselves as “sweet tooth”. They were successful in creating guilt-free festive desserts. ”



Where?: SANTA MONICA/729 Montana Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90403

In a few #: #frozenfruit #frofruit #instafriendly #girlsday #healthydessert

Tip: Put a flower on your pretty dessert, they are edible!

Phone: +1 (424) 744-8860



Credit photo: The Lalastory et dress Code Indiasinsights

See you there !

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