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Dear Yogurt Cake …

This kind of cake waiting for us for breakfast simple delicious and soft…


Yogurt: 1 plain

Flour: 3 pots

White Sugar: 2 pots

Baking powder: 1 coffee spoon

Sunflower Oil: 1 half pot

Eggs: 3


Turn your oven on at 350 F°

Step 1: Pour the yogurt in a large bowl, then clean the yogurt pot and keep it. Fill the pot with the sunflower oil, add it , mix.

Step 2: Fill the yogurt pot with white sugar two times, pour in the bowl. Mix

Step 3: Pour the flour in the pot three times and pour in the bowl. Mix. Add the baking powder, mix.

Step 4: On another hand, separate the yolks from the whites. Whip the eggs white and add the yolks in the bowl, mix. Add the white eggs mousse and gently mix.

Step 5: Place it in the oven and wait for 40 minutes, check each 5 minutes after 20 minutes baking. To check if the cake is well cooked, just sink gently with a knife, if you find some cream on the knife, not cooked, if the knife comes dry then next step 🙂

Step 6: Enjoy !!!

TIPS: Try to eat it with a little bit of jam or Nutella ;-)


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