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Dear Tarte Tatin …

The recipe of the delicious Tarte Tatin in 1 hour only is just simply easy and tasty !

Still made by a French… Worth trying it !



Salted Butter: 100 grams (about 4 ounces)

Apples: 8-10 golden apples

White Sugar: 100 grams (about 4 ounces)

Puff Pastry Sheet: 1


Turn your oven on at 340 F°

Step 1: Peel the apples and cut them in half pieces. Take out the heart of it but keep the apple cut in half.

Step 2: Pour the butter in a round baker, place it on the hot plate(induction or fire) and heat it. While the better is melting, add the sugar let it smoothly caramelized (low heat).

Step 3: Once you see the caramel, place the apples as a wreath.(see picture)

Step 4: Pour a little bit of cinnamon and vanilla sugar on the top of the apples,

Step 5: Place the pastry sheet on the top and make sure it covers all the apples and goes inside the baker on the borders.

Step 6: Place the baker in the oven and wait 30 minutes. Start to check. If the pastry gets gold, it’s done! Recover the bottom of the tart with a plate and reverse the baking pan so the tart can fall in the other plate in the right way! Be careful to wear gloves so you don’t burn yourself!

Step 7: Enjoy!

TIPS: Try to eat it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream

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