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Dear Lemon Cake …


Butter: 160 grams (about 5.7 ounces)

Flour: 160 grams (about 5.7 ounces)

White Sugar: 160 grams (about 5.7 ounces)

Baking powder: 1 coffee spoon

Lemon: 1

Eggs: 3


Turn your oven on at 360 F°

Step 1: Mix the Sugar and the melted butter in a large bowl until you get a nice fluid substance

Step 2: Add the flour and the baking powder and mix

Step 3: Add the eggs and gently mix until you get a creamy batter and add the lemon juice

Step 4: After having slightly buttered and flowering the cake pan, pour the batter into it

Step 5: Place it in the oven and wait for 40 minutes, check each 10 minutes

Step 6: Enjoy !!!


TIPS: Try to eat it with a little bit of jam 😉



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