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Dear Crispy Goat Cheese …

Crusty and soft in the inside , goat cheese fan , try this recipe on top of a fresh salad !


Pastry Sheets: 1 sheet = 1 triangle (see picture) – Get the Pastry sheets dough like (fillo dough)

Goat Cheese: 1 round ( 1 inch  thick) for 1 triangle (see picture)





Step 1: Take a dough pastry sheet, place the slice of goat cheese and a little bit of salt, pepper and honey at the top left side and wrap it with the sheet to make a triangle


Step 2: Pour some Canola Oil in a pan and wait for it to get very hot

Step 3: Add the triangles in the hot oil pan and wait two or three minutes each side for the pastries to turn gold

Step 4: Once gold on each side take them out of the pan, place them on a paper towel to soak the oil

Step 5: Prepare a little salad of your choice and place the triangles on top of it

Step 6: Enjoy !!!

TIPS: Add some raspberries, red currents for an even nicer decoration.

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