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So what is CRYO?

Ever woke up thinking « today I will freeze myself ? » No? Really? … Odd…!

I did! And did that for you guys, yes! Wanted to try this thing for so long and write about it on my blog! Done!

So starting from the beginning, Cryo is an abbreviation for Cryotherapy that consists in being exposed on a very low temperature (-220F) in order to provoke a better blood pressure through vasoconstriction and release endorphins and anti-inflammatories molecules.

So after freezing you’re a*** for a few minutes in a cold machine, you will feel happier, full of energy and most of all your skin will be soooo soft !

To learn more, I have asked a few questions to the co-founder of the first Cryo center in LA called CRYO HEALTHCARE

Question 1:
So ! Tell us about Cryo ! What should I expect when I get to your spot ? What are the main steps ?
Cryotherapy (Cryo) is an extreme cold treatment which was developed in the 1970 by a Japanese Rheumatologist.  “Extreme” only applies to the temperatures reached, namely -220F.  The treatment is in fact quite tolerable, as it is a “dry cold” treatment.  I always tell new clients that i would prefer Cryo any day over a swim in the California ocean.  Also, a fun fat is that the youngest person we had in the office was 4.5 years old, and the oldest 93.  No matter who you are, you will fall in between these two and you will be just fine.
The protocol is quite simple.  When you come in we have you fill out a form and check your blood pressure (BP).  Your BP should be around 120/70 (+/-), which of course varies by age and what physical shape you are in.  It should for sure be below 160/100.  We check your BP as during Cryo your BP slightly rises, similar to when you exercise, and if you have extreme high BP we do not want you to go even higher.
Question 2:
Most important, as I am about to try this freezing experience! What are the main benefits?!
The main benefits are whole body inflammation reduction.  What that means is that if you have any swelling, pain, soreness from exercise, or similar, Cryo will have reduce and even eliminate these symptoms.  We have clients come in after surgery, clients who have chronic pain, and professional athletes who try to reach their peak performance.  The the athletes, being able to recover faster (which Cryo and some of our other modalities help with) will allow them to train harder and more frequently.  And that is like gold to them.
But the above are the extreme cases.  Cryo is an amazing modality just for your over all health.  Cryo helps your body to detox faster from every day life as it stimulates your metabolic rate (the speed at which you break down stuff in your body).
The third and very popular benefit is skin rejuvenation.  When you “freeze” the outer layer of your skin briefly, your shock and irritate collagen fibers in your skin.  Your body’s response is to produce more collagen, which in turn causes the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and which makes your skin more elastic and more youthful.  This is how the “CryoFacial” was born, developed by my business partner and brother Dr. Jonas Kuehne MD.
Lastly, Cryo will cause a release of endorphins (or happy molecules as some clients call them).  You will see people coming out of the Cryosauna being all giddy and chatty. You feel great after Cryo, full of energy, a feeling that will last for several hours that day.  In Europe clients actually use Cryo to improve their mood.  Instead of trying a medication for depression (which many may not need but it is so easy accessible in the US), people try Cryo and vitamins injections (which we also offer) first.
Question 3:
Also, sorry to ask but will I loose weight ?!
Yes, as I mentioned earlier Cryo boosts your metabolic rate. Increasing your metabolic rate will burn more calories, and many clients come just for that: the ability to burn 500-800 additional calories within the first 48h after you “get frozen”.  So if you combine a healthy diet, exercise, and add Cryo to the mix, your results will come much faster.
Question 5:
Do you recommend to come right after a work-out ?
Yes I do. Many of our athletes, pro and amateur, come right after their workouts.  Cryo will help the body recover quicker.  Runners for example love to do Cryo and then also use our BOA Compression Pants we offer.  The BOA is a 45min sports massage which speeds up the removal of lactic acid (which causes you to feel sore) and makes your legs feel so much lighter. Runners often say that after Cryo and BOA they feel like they could get up and go for another run.
Question 6:
Is it mostly recommended for athletes or is it also good for « everyone”, like me … !?
When you come to our office, you will see a very eclectic mix of people in the office.  The pro athlete will sit next to a senior citizen, a business executive, a housewife (househusband), and a student.  It is truly for anyone.  As Tony Robbins (one of the few celebrity clients I am allowed to mention) often states, reducing inflammation in your body will prevent the onset of diseases and even cancer.  We all have inflammation accumulating in our bodies, and we need to try what we can do eliminate it.  (We do not make such claims as in the US this is not an FDA regulated treatments.  However, in other countries you can read about the medical benefits.  Check out: for example.  Very informative.
So yes. Think of Cryo as an overall wellness and health benefit for anyone.
Question 7:
I heard that I would be in less than – 200 F°, would I freeze ?!
No, you will not – you are only in there for 1:30-3min max.  Only the outer layer of your skin gets very cold, and that is where your cold receptors are.  When we stimulate your cold receptors, they “fire a signal” to your brain and your body responds with some “emergency mechanisms” to protect your body.  Your body does not know this will just be a 2-min session – it prepares itself for survival.  And that response is what we take advantage of.  There is a release of anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines) and as mentioned above your metabolism speeds up.  Your blood vessels on the outer layer of your body constrict and the blood is pushed from your extremities towards your core, where the blood is enriched with oxygen, nutrients, and proteins.  Immediately after the Cryo session the blood vessels dilate again, and the enriched blood rushes back to the extremities, “flushing your body”.
Question 8:
How many times would you recommend me to come before I see some real benefits ?
Depending what you come in for, and you saw how many applications there are, I usually recommend 3-5 sessions.  If someone is very skeptical I always recommend the unlimited week.  You an to 2 treatments (back to back with a break) for 7 days straight.  It is super discounted.  This is great for people to see what difference Cryo can make in their life.  And I always tell them: “if you feel nothing after the week, then this may not be for you”.  I have yet to meet the person who says they did not notice a single benefit.
Question 9:
I heard that it could be bad for your heart, is it true ?
No.  It is actually good for your heart similar to exercise.  However, if you have heart conditions that do not allow you to exercise, we do not want you to do Cryo. As I mentored before it will stimulate your metabolism and speed up your heat rate temporarily while you are in the Cryochamber.  We always check clients’ BP before they go an and ask if they have a history of heart conditions.
Question 10:
Any special advice or anything you want to share with the My Little Cosmo community?
I would love for people to come in and try what we do – we have a large menu of services we offer on our website:
If anyone reading your MyLittleCosmo wants to come in, I will offer them the first Cryotherapy session on me.  Just email my assistant Carolina (Carolina AT ) and we will set you up!



Where?: WEST HOLLYWOOD // 351 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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Tip: Don’t be scared! Just go for it 😉

Phone: +1 (310) 360-0780



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