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Coachella !

This year we’ve decided to head to COACHELLA for the first time ! I mean leaving in LA without experiencing once this music festival is like leaving in Switzerland and not head to the mountains and ski !

So we chose to go the first week end, as it is supposed to be the best according to a few recommendations.

For all of you who don’t even know what I am talking about and what is Coachella … Let me describe it in a few words…It is one of the biggest Music Festival in California. It happens in April during two week ends. A few top artists come to do their show in 9 different stages at the same time. You have different types of music to please everyone. But the best is the whole set up, I mean… imagine yourself in the middle of the desert on a polo club field with 9 stages, colors, balloons and your favorite artists playing non-stop ! Amazing no ?

Shall we start planning ? Because the thing you absolutely want to do is PLAN !

Here is a few recommendations…

1/ First comes first, you want to buy your tickets:

Be aware that there is a pre sale in June and a sale in the beginning of the year.

Don’t forget that 100,000 people are attending this festival so be ready to buy the tickets quickly. Check out in May when is the pre-sale date and time and be in front of your computer with your credit card ready. Where ? On the Coachella website

If you are not able to get them during one of these two sales, don’t cry… you still have the option to buy them from a friend, ebay or craigslist.. just be careful not to fall on a scam.

2/ Transports:

For those of you not willing to drive their own precious little car to Coachella, you still have the option to rent one… woooo I would rent a Mustang ! Enterprise is a great rental company, they pick you up and drop you off from your location to their rental office and prices are affordable for good cars.

3/ Sleep:

A good advice: if I were you I would book a hotel or an Airbnb / Vrbo way in advance, if you want to avoid very high prices for poor places. Trust me this is a priority !

If you like the adventure, you can also rent a tent …but you still need to book your space.

4/ Transportation while you’re there:

Yes you can find Uber ! In fact the Coachella team is well organized ! But don’t forget that you are not alone… 100’000 people (this is a number I would like to keep in mind) so if you are not the kind of person born “patient”, I would suggest that you buy a parking ticket and park your car.

5/ The Weather:

During the day, the weather is up to 100°F and at night it could go down to 60°F and a little windy. So make sure to think carefully on what to include in your bag !

6/ What else in my bag ?

Don’t forget sunscreen, a bathing suit, a pull-over, a camera, a few accessories make up and clothes in the theme Hippie Coachella !Of course, forget about your most beautiful jewelry … and finally MOST IMPORTANT : COMFORTABLE Sneakers !!

By the way, you should check out H&M a few weeks prior to the festival, they have a special section for the festival !

7/ On the road from LA to Coachella, you should stop by this huge designers outlet where you will find your favorite luxury brands at a discounted price ! YEP ! Desert Hills

8/ Restaurants:

Be organized, book in advance, know where you’re going if you don’t want to waste your time. It’s a desert ! So it’s huge and a lot of driving time between places…

9/ Extras: 

Try to be on the list of a few pool parties during the day !

10/ Money Money !

Don’t forget to take some cash with you ! 150 USD at least …

And of course, finally …. HAVE FUN !!!!






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