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Class Pass – Time to Work Out !

Soooo damn hard to find the work out motivation ! Even more when you don’t know where to start !

L.A has so many studios finding the one you love at an affordable price is not easy … Adding to that the fact that it costs money .  Until I discovered: Class Pass !

Never heard of ! WHAT IS THAT?

1/ Only  60 USD / month to have access to a large list of studios around you. 5 classes . Different plans available.

2/ Class hours at your convenience, you just have to choose the studio, the hour and book !

3/ If you cancel within 12hours prior to your class you pay a 20USD fee ! Amazing way of not canceling ! You’ll be grateful after your class !


Good news if you want to apply and discover more and get 30 USD OFF  it’s HERE 😉


Go Go Go ! ! !


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