Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

You just got to work from home this afternoon ? You have a relax meeting ?  The weather is beautiful but you still haven’ t found a spot other than Starbucks or Coffee Bean …? Well then Alfred Coffee will be the place you want to check out 😉

Great location, actually one of my favorite: Melrose Place … 

You will find around all the brands you like such as Vince, APC, Marc Jacobs … 

If you’re in the mood with shopping or looking … !! Stop by Elodie K (next door from this coffee place), she always have some cool stuff  🙂

Speaking about Melrose Place, did you know that Saturday morning is the Farmers Market ? 😉

Location: WEST HOLLYWOOD / 8428 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069

In a few #: #Snack #WestHollywood #UrbanStyle #WorkingAtmosphere #Indoor&Outdoor #$ 

Tips: The coffee is amazing ! And their granolas are …. unreal !

Phone: +1 323-944-0811


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