My name is Valentina, I was born in the powerful city of New York on December 27th 1988, raised with the Chocolates and Watches in Switzerland and then in the beautiful Paris for 14 years. I ended up in New York for 2 years and landed in L.A! So that’s basically the places I grew up in….


I was very lucky to travel a lot thanks to my parents who had kind of an addiction with discovering new countries if I may say! This was great not only because I could see unique places but also because it made me someone open-minded.


I have been working in the luxury business for a few years now which made me very picky on places … which is good for you guys!



I am a Capricorn with the Chinese sign: Dragon so let me tell you I am not an easy woman! I like when things are done and not left behind, I know where I am going, I am very loyal and I consider to be kind with a good heart.

What do I love the most? Honestly? My family, My friends, Animals, People with a good heart, Taking Pictures, Nutella, Pain au Chocolat, Hot Chocolate with a toast in the morning, fireplaces, children, ski, playing tennis, dancing, white sand and turquoise water, Vanessa Paradis voice, Versailles, Walking in cities like Roma with a guide and discover another century, Shopping, Homeland, The Night Of, Coconut water, Chanel Brand, Shoes … I mean … so much things !

When I got in Los Angeles, 3 years ago, I was lost! I only knew a few people and I had a job, that was it !  It was hard to find cool spots to spend time in.  I was following the LA Eater or the Times but so many choices. The only good places for me where the ones recommended by my friends who had previously visited this city.


Of course, the more and more time I was spending in LA the more places I could try and the more I could enjoy!  So I’ve decided to create a blog where I could share my experiences just as a little guide for others… and it seemed that it worked out people actually liked it 🙂 And they made me happy and willing to write more and more.