A Day in Brentwood

Ever heard of Brentwood in Los Angeles ?

Well this is a district that I really love… I’ve spent half a day last week end and had only a great time … So! Shall I start telling you more about it?

We had asked the Uber to drop us to Coral Tree. Why there ? I don’t know ! I guess it was our little landmark for the Uber !

From there we started walking towards the Westside on San Vincente. While we were walking, I made a quick stop in this little store that I really like called William B. . Ever been ? Each time I go, it’s funny but I always find something (candle, skirt, jean, jewelry, book, hat …something!). Do you also have a place, where YOU KNOW you will end up buying something other than Trader Joe’s !?

After that I just had to cross the street to buy a delicious fresh juice from Juice Crafters.

Back on track, we stopped in this Chocolate Store: Compartes Chocolates JUST TO HAVE A LOOK, don’t be so judgmental haha!

Ok so that was it, we decided to walk a little more still heading West on San Vincente heading to “Brentwood Country Mart“. We made a quick stop to the Farmers Market and this is where we found this Italian amazing deli where you should taste the Pesto Sauce or a piece of Buffala Mozzarella just like in Italy, I swear! There is only one Italian Deli, won’t be hard to find it 😉 But Careful, the market is only opened on Sundays from 9am to 2pm.

We then extended a little bit our walk and went to visit a few open houses on Moreno Avenue and Burlingame Avenue, yes it feels good to pretend that you’re a millionaire sometimes ! haha

Once arrived in the Country Mart, we had lunch at their FARM SHOP ! This is one of my favorite place in L.A. Simple as it is, a deli where you will find a bakery corner, fresh salads, fresh made meals, a meat corner, a wine corner, a cheese corner, even a bar where you can have a little drink… And all of these in a cosy retro chic atmosphere. This time, we grabbed a mix of colorful salads, a Kombucha and sat at the beautiful wood communal table.

Last but not least ? We had our little sweetness at Sweet Rose Creamery next door… and Woah ! A-MA-ZING !

Feeling light for a little walk or just too tired and heading home ? I’ll let you decide… 🙂


Brentwood Country Mart


 Farm ShopIm3Sweet Rose

Have a beautiful day !


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